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The term "addiction" encompasses almost all imbalanced and self-destructive behaviour. Addiction has long been understood to mean an uncontrollable habit of using alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking, Gutka etc
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Signs and Symptoms of Addiction:
- Resentful Attitudes
- Risky Behaviors
- Aggressiveness or Passiveness
- Mood Swings
- Physical Symptoms
- Weight gain or loss - using food as a drug to    calm the storms
- Addiction to prescription or other drugs
- Nervous twitches and ticks

- Reactive Behavior instead of proactive behavior
- Always feeling overwhelmed
- Not trusting of your own feelings
- Never feeling good enough
- Depression, Anxiety and Lethargy

Stop Addiction contain 3 bottles of 60 gms powder each. One bottle is intended for use in 10 days as per the dosage schedule.

Stop Addiction Powder is mixture of 10+ precious Ayurvedic Herbs. It has been established over time at a remedy to cure addiction from alcohol, cigarette, tobacco and other addicting substances with guaranteed results and no more side effects. It is100% herbal product which has no side effects

It helps in cure addiction to any substance and improves health of the present. Depending on severity of addiction and health of condition of the person, This powder can be taken over long periods of time, Providing only health benefits.

How does Stop Addiction Powder works:

1. Stop Addiction power helps in removing toxins which get accumulated insite the liver and Kidney due to Alcohol. Tobacco or other substance.

2. It reduce craving of the addicted substance.

3. It helps you to make more stronger and also help in increasing will power

4. It cures addiction side effects. It cures the problem of stomach, digestion, cough, bronchial problem, etc. It improves the overall health of a person.

5. It helps in decreases body stress, tension, mental stress etc.

How to use

Take 2-4 grams of Stop Addiction powder and swallow it with the help of water early in the morning. Repeat the dose in the evening in same quantity. If you want to use Zero Addiction on an addict without him knowing, it can be mixed and eaten with normal food too




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